Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fiji Information report

Image result for fijian food kokodaHi my name is mum and will be telling you about FIJI.

The European discovers of Fiji were accidental.. the first of the discoveries was made in 1643 by the dutch explorer,Abel Tasman and English navigator,including caption James cook who sailed through in 1774, and made further  exploration in the 18Th century.

Place and people
The climate of Fiji the maximum temperatures rarely  move out of the 13 c to 26 c (79 F) range.the population 902,547. the culture of Fiji including indigenous Fijian,Indian,European,Chinese and other nationalities.

Life style
The people in Fiji do fun things  just like fire dancing,swimming black paint party, finding fish

The government of Fiji is the republic,parliamentary system,military,junta,parliamentary  republic,they are the ones that looks after the environment. Fijian people eat some of these food kokoda fried cassava,taro and fried fish in coconut cream sauce.

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